When & where are the Jefferson Park Farm & Fleas?

The 2017 JP Farm & Fleas will take place on May 20th, July 15th and September 16th from 10 am-3 pm. Located on 25th Avenue between Federal Boulevard and Eliot St in North Denver’s Jefferson Park historic business district.

When do applications open for 2017 season?

Applications will open separately for each market. May 20th apps will open mid February. Apply here.

What are the vendor fees for the 2017 season?

2017 FARMERS (produce, plants, homesteaders, animal-related) Vendor Fees:
Please email info@jpfleamarket.com for fees.

2017 FLEA Vendor Fees (handmade goods, specialty food and vintage/antiques)
$75 for a 10X10 space per market
$100 for a shared 10X10 space (only two vendors allowed) per market

2017 Food Truck Vendor Fees (limited space for food trucks)
Please email info@jpfleamarket.com for food truck fees.

2017 Non profit/Community Vendor Fees (limited availability)
$25 for a 10X10 space per market

For full vendor information, please see our 2017 Jefferson Park Farm & Flea vendor handbook (coming soon).

What is the Jefferson Park Farm & Flea looking for in a vendor?

The JP Farm & Fleas’ focus will fresh local produce, specialty food, and handmade goods. We’ll also have an urban homesteading educational component. We also support the surrounding businesses on 25th Avenue and Federal Blvd so we’ll aim to have complimentary businesses rather than competing businesses/vendors at the markets. See the below for more guidelines on specific vendor categories.

Farm products that can be sold at the market include vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, nuts, flowers, plants, honey, seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. If local farm products are not available and you would like to bring products from out of state, you must contact Doug Yetman, Operations Director, for prior approval and handling procedures. It’s our hope to mainly support local farmers!

Ready to Eat Food, Beverages and Drinks:

All prepared food vendors must show appropriate Health Department certification to the Operations Manager, Doug Yetman. These permits must be displayed in public view during Market hours. All prepared food processor equipment/trailers must comply with Denver County Health Department regulations.

Baked Goods and Other food items:

Our markets accept certain items which are grown and/or made by the vendor such as baked goods, preserves, cheese, sausage, and smoked meats. All processed foods must be appropriately labeled with product name, ingredients, net weight, price, vendor’s name and address. We encourage sampling of your products to our customers.

The Colorado Cottage Foods Law: Passed in 2012 allows for the manufacture and sale of some baked goods without any licensing or regulatory requirements. See this link for more information under the “Guidance on Colorado Cottage Foods Bill” heading: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDPHE-DEHS/CBON/1251586894464

Operating under this law will have a number of requirements that must be adhered to, including education requirements and a cap on the amount of revenue generated. Also these foods can only be sold retail—not wholesaled. In order to operate under this law at a temporary event, a vendor must have all their food prepackaged (no open food handling at the event) and labeled according to the requirements in the law (see the link for more info).

Flea (handmade and vintage) Vendors:

The Jefferson Park Farm & Fleas will have a limited number of booth spots available for vendors selling handmade items including: accessories, handmade crafts, and on a very limited basis, jewelry. We will also have limited spots booth spots for vintage vendors selling antiques, vintage clothing, furniture accessories, and repurposed items.

Do I have to collect sales tax? What about Insurance?

Each vendor is responsible for charging and collecting sales tax. The tax rate has changed for 2015. The Denver Tax Rate is 3.65%.

If you are serving food, follow the health code that regulates your particular product type. Each vendor should carry insurance to cover your business’s operations. The Jefferson Park Farm & Flea has event-specific insurance covering the activities permitted inside our event.

Will there be WIFI?

There will not be available wifi. We recommend that each vendor have a dependable data plan on their mobile devices/tablets and back up batteries to collect online payments on market day. Cash is easiest and we will have ATM onsite at markets.

Will I have access to Electricity?

We have very limited access to electricity. If you absolutely need access, please contact Doug Yetman at yetmancreative@gmail.com. Additional fees may apply.

Do you close your markets during inclement weather?

Our markets are open rain, snow or shine. We will only cancel during EXTREME weather conditions.

What is the load in and load out schedule?

We will send each vendor specific email about load in/load out the week before each market.